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July 26, 2022

Airbnb Management Service: How to Handle Plumbing Issues During Your Stay?

Plumbing problems are some of the worst nightmares for Airbnb guests and hosts alike. Something as small as this can ruin someone’s stay—and might even get in the reviews, scaring away potential clients. The chances of encountering plumbing issues can be minimized with enough preparation, but emergencies can still occur.

The best way to deal with it is to have good plans and resources in your arsenal. It’s also vital to have contacts and supplies so that you and your guest can get through the situation with as little fuss as possible. Here’s how to deal with plumbing issues if you ever encounter them.



What to Do If Your Guest Experiences a Plumbing Issue When Staying in an Airbnb

One of the responsibilities a property manager has is knowing what to anticipate—and this includes catastrophes. Whether you’re dealing with a long or short-term rental, it’s best to be ready with a strategy to make your client’s stay more comfortable.

How to Find a Plumber Who Can Help During the Stay

Even before someone books your rental, you should be in contact with trusted plumbers within arm’s reach. Ensure your plumber is just a few minutes away from the rental so the problem can be gauged as quickly as possible.

Here are a few kinds of services you can ask for from plumbers, depending on your unit’s needs:

  • Residential plumbing is needed for installing new fixtures. 
  • Sanitary plumbing involves plumbing in places of sanitation such as toilets, baths, and showers.
  • Water supply plumbing focuses on fixtures in kitchens, laundry rooms, and other places with water lines and storage tanks.

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Tips for Avoiding Plumbing Issues When a Guest is Staying in an Airbnb

While you cannot completely eliminate these troubles, you can help prevent them. Add the following tasks to your checklist before and after a guest booking.

Keep Your Facilities Up to Date

The more your unit is used, the more likely there’s a need to repair or replace certain fixtures. You can avoid this by investing in quality hardware and tools. This minimizes the need for constant issues and repairs.

Do Maintenance Checks

Plumbing is an essential part of routine maintenance. Don’t forget to check on the following areas and fixtures:

  • Toilet areas. Since these kinds of hardware are among the most used, they are susceptible to wear and tear. Check the pipes, valves, and flush handles for signs of plumbing problems. It’s also wise to watch for leakage and air noises.
  • Sinks. Watch out for clogging, leaking, and rusting, as these may make operations difficult. An efficient cleaning service should be able to spot these signs as early as possible, leaving no room for plumbing issues to arise. 

Shower and bath drain. Have the cleaning and maintenance team scrutinize the drainage system every after booking to ensure that it remains functional. As with sinks and faucets, guests may be contributing to clogging without their awareness.

Work with a Team of Experts

You need to find a good Airbnb management service to ensure that this is all accounted for in maintenance tasks. They will provide a good cleaning staff, communicate with guests, and help you care for their issues. With an efficient management team, you’ll lessen the things you’ll have on your hands.


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What to Do If Your Guest Encounters a Plumbing Emergency During Their Stay

Even if you’ve prepared down to the details, emergencies can still happen. But that doesn’t mean everything is beyond your control. Ensure access to the following in case such an issue arises.

Work with An Efficient Maintenance and Cleaning Staff

An essential resource is a team of experts who know how to deal with a crisis. You can take care of specific issues yourself, but it’s still great to have a trusted staff around in case of a significant challenge. When a guest books your rental, align with your management company to help you accommodate during an emergency.

Have Well-Executed Protocols

Being an Airbnb host is a lot of pre-work. Part of this involves setting up policies for all parties. This will be helpful if, for instance, the guest is responsible for the plumbing issue. Come up with answers to questions such as: Who will shoulder the bill? What level of accountability goes on your end? 

To accommodate your guests better, direct them to good places in the area—such as a park or cafe—while the plumber fixes the problem.

Ensure Proper Documentation

Keep transactions hassle-free for all parties by having proper documentation. Hold on to receipts, messages, photos, and the like. This helps leave less room for misunderstandings and avoid any unnecessary disputes. If one does come up, it’s better to be prepared so that a resolution can be met as quickly and fairly as possible.


Trust Magic Helpers with your Management Needs

Managing an Airbnb is tough, but you don’t have to shoulder all the responsibilities on your own. Our team is skilled with Airbnb management services, and we can help you take care of emergency cases with guests such as plumbing issues. We’d love to help you out at Magic Helpers—feel free to contact us to ask about our services.



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Airbnb Management Service: How to Handle Plumbing Issues During Your Stay?