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August 28, 2022

5 Effective Ways to Automate Airbnb Cleaning Services


5 Effective Ways to Automate Airbnb Cleaning Services

There are several things to attend to while managing an Airbnb business. Dealing with clients, handling paperwork, and taking care of finances are only a few of a rental host’s responsibilities. On top of those, you also need to worry about the more tedious tasks on your to-do list, like cleaning and maintenance.


You can make the process easier by automating Airbnb management-related tasks. For example, many rental property owners outsource to an Airbnb cleaning service because it saves time, energy, and money. Not only do you ration your resources—you also streamline your entire process.

The Most Effective Ways in Automating Your Airbnb Cleaning Service

You can start your Airbnb automation system by focusing on the more “ad hoc” duties, such as cleaning. You just need some trusted host tools, a good schedule, and an efficient cleaning crew. Here are a few ways to start automating your rental cleaning system.

Install and use automation devices

Residential units rely on machine-powered cleaning supplies, from vacuums to mops to scrubbers. Now people just need a couple of batteries or a power socket to start their maintenance routine. And yes—with most machines, they don’t have to lift a single finger!


Innovative cleaning tools are available everywhere. Despite higher costs, some of these can help you save more money in the long run. As Airbnb hosts, you should also take advantage of this trend. 

Stock up on cleaning supplies ahead of time

There’s no worse feeling than rushing out the door to buy supplies after facing a disgruntled guest. As you would with food, toiletries are a must-have at any time. Purchase tools in bulk to keep your vacation rentals well-stocked. 


Having a wholesale stock of cleaning supplies helps regulate your process. This way, you won’t feel like you’re constantly running errands. Plus, when dealing with an emergency situation, you’ll always have a solution at your disposal.

Schedule regular deep cleaning sessions

Typically, deep cleans are scheduled once every three to six months. By making plans months in advance, you are automating your maintenance system. Align with your crew on an ideal routine, set up the dates on your calendar, and temporarily close your vacation rental listing. This will save you from the inconvenience of figuring out when to schedule the next session.

Invest in automation software

Technology is a foolproof tool for anyone who wants less hands-on work. It can be something as simple as Google calendar or other host tools that aid in processes. You can use automated messages when communicating with guests about cleaning-related requests. In turn, guests can also submit payments through computerized systems, severing the need for back-and-forth discussions.

Hire professional Airbnb cleaners

Cleaning is more than just a chore—it’s a fundamental aspect of Airbnb management. Most Airbnb hosts prefer to team up with a trusted cleaning crew because they recognize how much of a responsibility it is. Instead of treating cleaning as a chore, it should be integrated into regular operations. Working with a professional team of cleaners is an efficient way of automating it.


Why Hire Someone to Clean Airbnbs?

Aside from the fact that it automates the process, hiring rental vacation cleaning services will improve your unit and management system. Outsourcing a cleaning crew lets you enjoy the following benefits.

It saves you valuable time

A host shouldn’t get preoccupied with cleaning and maintenance. Hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning team can help you redirect your focus on other parts of the business. You can rest assured that your unit is being taken care of while you attend to your duties.

You can expect higher-quality cleaning

Professional Airbnb cleaning is a huge factor in getting positive reviews. You can have the most high-end unit in a luxurious city, but if it’s not cleaned properly, it will not be appreciated. Since a trusted team has training and experience, your rental will be thoroughly cleaned—and guests will appreciate that.

It’s an all-in-one investment

By hiring a cleaning team, you are choosing a more convenient, efficient, and secure option. The team will make sure to keep your rental ready for business at any given day. They will also be meticulous in the procedure by keeping surfaces spotless and germ-free. Such a safe environment can significantly help in maintaining your guests’ overall health and wellbeing.

Make Cleaning Easier with Magic Helpers

Need a quick sweep? Want to schedule regular deep cleanings according to your Airbnb calendar? Contact us at Magic Helpers for Airbnb cleaning services. Whatever your goal for your rental is, our team of professional and experienced cleaners can definitely help.


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5 Effective Ways to Automate Airbnb Cleaning Services