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January 7, 2022

How to Find an Airbnb Cleaning Service in Your Area

Do you own vacation rental properties, otherwise known as Airbnbs? The Airbnb industry can be pretty lucrative if you know how to maneuver the business in the right way. The global market size for this sector stood at $87.09 billion in 2019, and experts project it to grow at a compound annual growth rate of ¾% from this period to 2027. What’s more, millennials with their growing families will account for 75% of Airbnb occupations by 2025.

One of the best ways of hooking these customers is by hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning service to ensure your property is in pristine condition throughout the year. Remember, the average length of an Airbnb booking is 12 days. That means you can have three different groups staying in your place within a month. Some guests also prefer to carry their own food and personal items, which can turn the place messy once they leave. Moreover, guests also don’t prefer ongoing housekeeping during their stay due to privacy concerns. That leaves you with all the dirt to deal with once the booking is over.

It can be tempting to clean the property using DIY solutions, but that doesn’t make the industry cut, as you’ll see in this guide. In this article, we highlight how to find the best Airbnb cleaning service in Austin and why this option is better than other alternatives. Keep reading to learn more.


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How to Choose the Best Airbnb Cleaning Service in Austin

Many people in the vacation property rental business are turning to reliable cleaning services within their location to gain a competitive edge in the industry. As a result, a regular guest check-in comes with high expectations in terms of cleanliness. That said, you should aim to match these expectations if you’re going to have happy, returning guests who leave glowing reviews.

However, hiring professional cleaners for your vacation rental properties may not be as easy as it sounds. As an Airbnb host, it will help if you consider several factors before signing any contract with a cleaning company. Remember, you want a reliable company that’s professional and gets the job done without unreasonably high overhead costs. Here are the factors to consider. 

Consider the Location of the Cleaning Company

Location is important, especially if you want a short-term rental cleaning service. This kind of service means you’ll regularly need the company on your premises. A company located close enough can respond promptly to the needs of your Airbnb property. Most importantly, the company will enjoy low transportation costs and pass this benefit to you as a reduced cleaning fee.


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Ask for Direct Referrals

You can save yourself the time and hassle of looking for a cleaning company by asking for direct referrals from other Airbnb rental business owners. Direct referrals will point you in the right direction, especially if you get them from trustworthy individuals. However, give any company a cautious approach because you are a new client. Getting a direct referral isn’t an automatic guarantee that you’ll have the same experience as other customers because your needs may vary from theirs.

Inquire About the Pricing Policy

When looking for a reliable Airbnb cleaning service, pricing should actually be at the top of your considerations. Companies have varying ways of charging for their services. The cleaning fee can either be on an hourly or flat rate, depending on what you agree upon. However, the former option can be pretty costly, especially if it takes a while to clean your entire Airbnb property. That said, go for a flat-rate pricing policy that you only pay once at the beginning of every cleaning job. Alternatively, you can pay their invoice monthly if you’re in for a long-term partnership.

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts when inquiring about prices. Managing your Airbnb property can be pretty costly during peak seasons, such as holidays. However, it will help save even a few bucks on every cleaning session to help you meet the costs of other improvements on the property. 

What’s the Company’s Cleaning Package?

Inquiring about the cleaning packages offered to different Airbnb Austin, Texas customers will help you determine the best service that matches your cleaning needs and expectations. Although the cleaning packages vary with other companies, you can usually expect a few different options at varying price points to get started. Typically, packages include standard and premium options. The latter option may encompass special services, such as deep cleans. 

The catch is understanding what comes with the package before opting for it. Go for a standard clean package if you have a relatively smaller Airbnb property that requires minimal maintenance. You can supplement this package with a once-in-a-while deep cleaning service. A premium package will be ideal if your property has many rooms and hosts multiple guests at a time. Either way, go for an option that guarantees spotless hygiene throughout the month.

Cleaning Experience and Online Reviews

A company’s reputation is critical if you’re going to work with a service provider. Reputation and experience often go hand in hand. For example, an Airbnb management company that has been in the business for years has a reputation built over time as opposed to a newer company. Moreover, such companies have a loyal clientele that they wouldn’t want to disappoint by doing shoddy work for the new clients they are onboarding. 

Dig into the company’s profile to establish its credentials and how long it has been in business. Then, check the information about its founders to gauge their industry experience. Companies that have nothing to hide about their reputation will always display the information about their founders and employees publicly. 

After that, check its reviews on its official website and other consumer forums. The higher the number of positive reviews, the more you can trust the company. Positive reviews often come from happy clients recommending the company to other consumers indirectly. Similarly, don’t overlook negative reviews, even a single one. Read through the negative comments to understand what other consumers are complaining about. Then, you can get clarity on these issues before getting into business with the company.  


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Open Communication Lines

Airbnb hosts are not usually present during the turnover cleaning time. That means it can be pretty challenging to make sure guests check out on time and cleaning happens before the new guests arrive, unless there are open lines of communication between you and the cleaning company. So, communication is paramount when leveraging cleaning services in Austin to enhance your guests’ experience. 

 It’s pretty simple to gauge how reliable a company’s communication channels are. First, initiate a conversation through multiple mediums, including email, SMS message, and social media direct messages, to see how long it takes before someone from the company gets back to you. Then, most importantly, make a phone call to see whether a customer care representative agent will answer. You should be able to get someone on the phone right away, while the response times for other forms of communication may take a little longer. 

Turnaround Time

It could take you the whole day to clean an Airbnb property thoroughly, depending on the size and number of rooms. When using professional cleaning services, the turnaround time should be a fraction of this. In fact, the cleaning should be swift to allow you to handle same-day check-ins. 

The company should tell you beforehand how long they’ll stay on the property, whether during one-time or ongoing scheduled cleaning sessions. That’s why it’s imperative to go for a company with a large, dependable labor force. The first service the company provides you with should be the benchmark for the kind of experience you’ll have in the long term.  


The kind of technology that a cleaning company uses matters a lot, especially if you’re going to have a good experience and protect your guests against germs and pathogens. 

Numerous technologies are emerging that make cleaning better and more reliable. For instance, you may be able to find a service provider that leverages deep cleaning to kill deadly virus particles on various appliances, surfaces and furniture. Compared to regular cleaning, deep cleaning is the complete cleaning process of removing deep dirt and grime. 

If your property has a large outdoor area, you may need someone that could lawn your plants easily. Finding an Airbnb cleaner that comes with lawn mowing equipment can help ensure that your property is maintained well.  

Other cleaning innovations to watch out for in a company include:

  • Use of a program to give you real-time information on the property’s cleaning consumables, such as soap and toilet paper (This streamlines property management.)
  • Floor self-cleaning devices to minimize the need for deep cleaning
  • Electrostatic sprayers for cleaning surfaces
  • Green cleaning products with a lower carbon print
  • GPS time tracking tools to get the job done within the agreed time frame

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Other Questions to Ask Your Airbnb Cleaning Service Provider

The search for the best Airbnb management company doesn’t stop there. You’ve done your research and shortlisted the ideal company. It’s now time to sit down with them to get better insight into their services and the kind of experience you’ll have. Here are a few questions to ask at this stage.

Do I Need to Provide the Cleaning Supplies?

Cleaning companies will always include supplies in their various packages. However, it’s important to understand when the company requires you to provide some cleaning supplies, such as vacuum cleaners, to avoid confusion when it’s time to get the job done. Providing your own cleaning supplies should be factored into the rate you’ll pay. Ensure you get this information beforehand to avoid misunderstandings that interfere with active bookings.

Are There Any Hidden Costs or Charges?

Many companies are reluctant to disclose hidden fees about their services unless you ask them directly. Some of the hidden costs may include overtime pay during emergency responses. Some companies may also charge you an account maintenance fee for scheduled cleaning services.

Ensure you get this information beforehand and understand how it will impact your contract. Also, the company should always notify you before imposing any additional charges. Whichever way, whatever you pay for, whether flat-rate fees or extra charges, should match the quality of service you’re getting.

Can You Handle Emergency Requests?

Typically, a professional cleaning company will need notice before showing up for work. Inquire about this time and determine if the company can adjust it to meet emergency requests during peak hours. That way, you can put in alternative measures if the cleaning company cannot fulfill short-notice tasks.   

How Do You Mitigate Property Damage?

Property damage in the Airbnb rental business can mainly happen in two ways. First, guests can break some items and leave without telling you. The company’s staff can also damage some delicate items by cleaning them the wrong way. Either way, the company should be in a position to account for any damage and inform you immediately. Ask the cleaning company whether its staff takes pictures of the property in between guest turnovers—you’ll need that for evidence of damage.

Can I Trust Your Employees?

As noted earlier, the Airbnb host is usually not around most of the time when cleaning is happening. That said, it will help if you work with trustworthy professionals who can guarantee the safety of your property together with the appliances inside. Inquire about the company’s process of onboarding cleaning staff. Does the management conduct rigorous background checks? How about drug tests? 

Also, inquire if the company has branded vans, so your gatekeeper doesn’t open to the wrong people. More importantly, the employees should always have a badge for easier identification.

Can I Cancel the Contract Anytime?

Working with a property management company can be tricky, especially if your needs change before your contract is up. Ask the company if you can terminate the agreement anytime and whether there are costs associated with cancellation. 

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