Lady cleaning a rental house by mopping the floors with a sponge and a spray bottle full of cleaning products.
November 4, 2021

Airbnb Cleaning Services: How Should You Clean a Rental House Before Moving In?


Airbnb Cleaning Services: Cleaning a rental house

Whether it’s an apartment or Airbnb rental, moving into a new place is always an exciting experience. After all, a new space and location means new beginnings, right? But before unpacking and unloading your belongings, there’s one crucial thing you need to do first一make sure the place is clean!

If it hasn’t already been done by a professional cleaning service, you should give your brand new space a top-to-bottom cleaning. It may be a tedious job, but it just has to be done. Instead of getting paranoid about the dust and germs (ahem, Covid) that might be occupying the space with you, it’s much easier to just clean your new home or rental. 

Of course, you can always get the help of a professional Airbnb or residential cleaning service to make the place spotless. But if you want to take it on yourself, then we can help you! 

Here are some helpful and effective tips on how you should clean your new space before moving in.

From the Top to the Bottom

There are lots of tips and tricks on how to start cleaning any home. But one of the most effective ways to go about it is to work from top to bottom. 

Cleaning from the highest place down to the lowest area allows you to get rid of ALL debris, dust, and allergens around the house or apartment. Furthermore, this ensures that all dirt gets swept out in the final floor cleaning instead of just stirring it around from room to room.

You can start by dusting the tallest fixtures in the house, such as tall cabinets, bookshelves, and cupboards. While you’re at the top zone, some of the things you can also do include:

  • Dusting the ceiling fan
  • Cleaning the lighting fixtures, air vents, and high windows.
  • Checking the ledges for dirt.
  • Cleaning and/or changing the air filters.

Disinfect the Fridge

If you have frozen goods or produce that needs to be put in the fridge asap, then you can clean the refrigerator first before the kitchen. 

For safety purposes, throw out any food left by the previous tenants (if any) to avoid contracting germs that might have made the item their home. Be sure to use garbage bags to contain the items, and avoid overfilling each bag so it doesn’t tear on the way out to the dumpster. 

Next, take out the removable parts of the fridge and wash them using hot, soapy water. While waiting for them to dry, you can wipe the fridge’s inside part with hot, soapy water, then rinse it with clean water.

After that, wipe it down with a liquid bleach solution (1 tbsp of bleach to 1 gallon of water) or a water and vinegar solution to sanitize it. You may want to use plastic or latex gloves during this step to protect your hands. After all the parts have dried up, put back the drawers, then repeat the steps for your freezer or pantry.

Clean the Kitchen

Your next stop is the kitchen. Dust the corners of the ceilings and walls to make sure no cobwebs get left behind. Then dust your way from top to bottom in every cabinet, drawer, and countertop. 

Next, prepare your disinfectant and clean towels to disinfect everything from the inside out. Some of the things you should not forget include:

  • Wiping down the appliances, such as the microwave, stovetops, oven, and dishwasher.
  • Don’t miss the handles of every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen.
  • Run the dishwasher first before putting in your dishes. 
  • Check the back part of every appliance to make sure they are free from dirt.
  • Deep clean the sink using a baking soda or vinegar solution.

If you’re staying in an Airbnb rental, you can go easy on cleaning as most hosts employ efficient Airbnb cleaning services to do the job.

Clean the Shower and Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom area can be a daunting task. No matter how careful someone might tend to be in the bathroom, it will still get some stains and limescale buildup over time. Furthermore, regardless of how “clean” it might look, you still need to give it a good scrubbing for good measure.

Fortunately, you only need a handy scrub and a bottle of bathroom cleaner to do the job. You can start by scrubbing well-used areas, such as the bathtub, sink, wall tiles, shower walls, toilet, and flooring.

Then, check the unusual spots like underneath the sink, medicine cabinet, and exteriors of the bowl. Finally, don’t forget to check the drainage of the bathtub and shower area to make sure there’s no debris left. 

After the initial scrubbing, you can disinfect all areas using an antibacterial spray. Make sure not to overlook the door handles, faucet, and light switch.

Tackle the Furniture and Other Spaces

After cleaning the crucial areas of your rental home, it’s time to take on the other rooms. Tackle these spaces by dusting and wiping them from top to bottom. If the rental comes furnished, then you should also clean the pieces of furniture and disinfect them. Some of the crucial parts of every room that you should not miss include:

  • Windows including window sills and window tracks.
  • Check the top part and crevices of all the doors in the room.
  • Wipe and disinfect well-used areas, appliances, and furniture, such as the closet interiors, lightswitch, all surfaces, doorknobs, and other handles, 
  • Use a handy vacuum attachment for other areas and furnishings (e.g., sofa) to completely remove all dirt and dust.

For the bedroom mattress, you can vacuum, deep clean if necessary, or even buy a new one if you’re planning to be there a long time. It all depends on how long you’re staying and the condition of the mattress. If you choose to vacuum it, make sure to use fresh linens and sheets so you can sleep peacefully.

Polish the Floors

Since you started at the top, all you need to do now is finish with the floors. All that dusting and wiping sure did an excellent job of putting all the dirt on the floor. So power up your machine and vacuum the floors, corners, and edges in all the rooms. Finally, you can mop where necessary. 

If you have a busy day ahead, you can always hire professional help to ensure that your rental home is squeaky clean.

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Where to Find the Best Airbnb Cleaning Services in Austin?

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Airbnb Cleaning Services: How Should You Clean a Rental House Before Moving In?