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March 1, 2021

10 Ways a Professional Cleaning Service Benefits Airbnb Hosts

Are you an Airbnb owner or considering becoming one? If so, you might have wondered whether a professional cleaning service is a worthwhile expense. You might have even asked yourself if it would be more cost-effective to do the cleaning yourself.

After reading this article, we hope you’ll have the necessary information and advice you need to make this decision. We assure you that the benefits we list here come from real-life experience.


1. Airbnb Cleaners Reduce Your Stress and Exhaustion

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Is cleaning up after your Airbnb guests leaving a chore that hangs over your headu until it’s done? Is it something you dread and the mere thought of it wears you out?

Running a business is hard work in and of itself. And that’s not to mention procuring flowers and other welcome gifts, making (or buying) breakfasts, and keeping the accounts up-to-date.

Having professional cleaners come in to clean up and ready the guest room(s) for future patrons can ease your mind and help maintain your excitement about the enterprise and the people you meet through it.

2. Airbnb Cleaners Are Consistent and Predictable

Like any good company in the service industry, Airbnb cleaning services watch the clock and arrive right on schedule. Plus, they’re prepared to start cleaning as soon as they arrive.

They have well-planned procedures and routines that ensure nothing is missed and the job is up to spec. This, too, can alleviate any worries you might have about the place not being spotless when the guests come to the door.

3. Hiring Professional Airbnb Cleaners Is Cost-Effective

Using a professional cleaning service might seem extravagant, but it isn’t. As the saying goes, “time is money,” and using a professional cleaning service can save you both.

Imagine that you opt for the DIY cleaning model instead of the pros. Lacking their experience and efficient routines, you would need more time to do the work yourself and might never get to it.

Think about the benefits you would gain by using the time to build and enhance your business in other ways.

4. Airbnb Cleaning Services Free Up Your Time

As we said previously, time and money go hand-in-hand, especially for Airbnb owners! But there’s an entirely different reason why it matters that they save you time: it gives that time back to you.

We’re not talking about more time for the business, either. In Airbnb lingo, there’s a concept known as “host fatigue” — which you might describe as a sort of burnout, or at least leading up to it.

Every Airbnb owner needs time away from the business to renew and recharge. Professional Airbnb cleaners help you reclaim that essential “you” time.

5. Using Airbnb Cleaners Shows Professionalism

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Let’s face it: DIY house cleaners miss things. They may be minor things, like a strand of hair left in the tub, but these oversights send a signal to guests. You’re trying hard but don’t have things fully in hand.

A professional cleaning service leaves those same “little signs.” Only in this case, there are signs showing their experience and standards: business card left on the dresser, perhaps. Or a notepad and pen with their logo.

Credit will go to cleaners as well as the person who hired them.

6. Guests Will Respect the Property More if You Use a Professional Cleaning Service

Suppose you stay at an “economy” motel that looks shabby and might not be entirely scrubbed and polished. Do you go out of your way not to add another scratch or stain to what’s already there?

What if you’re a guest at an Airbnb — someone else’s home or weekend retreat? You probably are reluctant to even touch certain things for fear of leaving fingerprints, much less doing minor damage.

We lead by example (or should). And presenting guests with sparkling clean lodging encourages them to leave it

7. Professional Cleaners Handle the Icky Stuff

Um, you know what we mean here, right? Some guests, being on vacation, will go all out having a good time and leave a mess behind. Maybe some germy stuff too.

Professional cleaning services know how to handle these situations thoroughly and with dispatch, while you may not nor do you want to learn the hard way.

8. Airbnb Cleaners Make It Easier to Welcome Guests with Pets

Female janitor mopping floor in room

With so many lodging facilities unwilling to accept pets as guests, opening your place to them (and their humans) might win you some regulars, or at least some hearty thanks.

But we all know that not all pets are clean, well-behaved, or even potty trained. They generally are cute, though, no matter what, and their humans adore them.

Leave the scrubbing and vacuuming to your Airbnb cleaners.

9. Professional Cleaning Services Help with Ratings and Guest Reviews

Star ratings and guest reviews mean everything to an Airbnb host. They show when you need to step up your act. But they also reflect a job well done. Once posted, an outstanding review could turn into future guests.

There are lots of tips floating around about ways of getting great Airbnb reviews, so be sure to search for a few of them. Most derive from the experiences of other hosts.

10. Airbnb Cleaners Are Professionals!

Here we are at the final and summary point for our list. We believe that if you want to run a successful Airbnb business, you need to work with a professional cleaning service. Your guests will thank you and many will be return visitors.

Have You Used Professional Airbnb Cleaners?

If you own an Airbnb property, we hope we’ve given you some good reasons to use a professional cleaning service like ours. No one wants to stay in an Airbnb that looks like a cheap motel due to lack of cleaning.

That’s why we’re in business as professional Airbnb cleaners. It’s also why we get repeat business. Remember, though, what we do is only the finishing touches to what you do as the capable owner you are.

If you need Airbnb cleaning services in the Austin, Texas area or Puerto Rico, please let us know. We love taking care of our clients and their guests! Contact us today!

10 Ways a Professional Cleaning Service Benefits Airbnb Hosts