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December 16, 2019

Things to Know while Cleaning your Airbnb Rentals

As an Airbnb host, you want to provide your guests with the best experience possible. This includes maintaining a clean and safe Airbnb for your guests. When cleaning your Airbnb after each guest leaves, you’ll need to keep in mind that you have to give this cleaning much more effort than normal cleaning jobs.

Cleaning your Airbnb requires a different approach than cleaning the home you live in. Airbnb hosts must pay attention to even the smallest of details when cleaning their rental. Failure to do so could result in several unhappy guests.

Keeping your guests happy and raking in the good reviews should be at the top of your priority list. To ensure that you hold your Airbnb rental to the highest standards, you’ll want to continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about Airbnb cleaning and why you need to always stay on top of it!


Your Guests Have Standards

The cleanliness of your Airbnb is essential because your guests have their own standards when walking into your rental. Your guests will expect to receive high-quality services and a high-quality environment. They want to walk in and have the same feel that they would when walking into a 5-star hotel.

If your guests walk in and your rental doesn’t meet their standards, then you can also guarantee you won’t get their business again. You’ll also need to worry about word of mouth. Unsatisfied guests will leave unsatisfied reviews online about your rental and will advise others not to rent from you.

Although you’re not able to read your guests’ minds to know what their standards are, you can ensure you exceed them by going above and beyond at all times.

It Only Takes One Mistake

Remember when we said that it’s the small details that count? Here’s why. Imagine you’ve spent an entire day cleaning your rental after the last guest checked out.

You’ve vacuumed, changed the linens, dusted, and cleaned everything else in sight. You believe that you’ve done a good enough job and close it down until the next guest checks in. You left your rental clean and fresh, but when your new guests arrive, there’s a hair on the bathroom floor and they spot it.

It only takes one mistake to ruin an entire stay. After spotting the hair, your guests are now nit-picking and looking for any other small mistake that you left behind. Before you know it, your guests have found several cleanliness issues.

Airbnb Has Its Own Standards

Aside from yours and your guests’ standards, Airbnb has a few standards of their own. As a host, Airbnb will hold you accountable to keep up with their expectations. These standards and expectations are put in place by Airbnb from past experiences, meaning the standards are always changing, growing, and developing to create the best experience possible.

If a host fails to meet Airbnb’s expectations and standards, then a violation occurs. Airbnb will respond to these issues and correct them as need be. To prevent this from happening to you, it’s essential that you keep up with all Airbnb standards across the board.

Airbnb Cleaning Tips

Now that you know just how important keeping your rental clean is, check our list of Airbnb cleaning tips, straight from the professionals. We know being a host has a lot of challenges to get through, and here are a few tricks to make your cleaning tasks a bit easier.

Use a Lint Roller

Between your vacuum and duster, you might not take a second to stop and think about using a lint roller. A lint roller is the best tool you can use to ensure that all those small hairs, dust particles, and other debris are picked up effortlessly. Be sure to use the lint roller on any surface that you think might have some missed hairs on.

Use Essential Oils

All guests want to enter their Airbnb and take a deep breath of clean fresh air. Although using air fresheners might seem tempting, there might be a better option for you. Instead, consider using essential oils in a diffuser.

Essential oils work well to transform a rental into a refreshing oasis without the use of harsh chemicals. Some guests may have allergies or sensitivities to different fragrances. Essential oils smell great and aren’t as harsh on our noses.

Use a Razor Blade on Shower Doors

Cleaning shower doors is one of the more difficult cleaning tasks. We all know just how hard it can be to rid a shower door of soap scum and grime. To make this chore a bit easier, consider using a razor blade on your shower doors to take the soap scum off.

First, spray your shower doors with a shower cleaner. Let it sit a few minutes before adding another layer. After adding a second layer, take a razor blade and scrape the door clean.

You’ll be left with a crystal clear and shiny shower glass door!

All Airbnb Hosts Should Have a Backup Plan

Having an exceptionally clean Airbnb rental is essential for several reasons. Now that you know why it’s so vital to your success as a host to keep a clean rental, it’s time to put a backup plan in motion.

All Airbnb hosts should have an Airbnb cleaning service to step in and ensure the rental is up to everyone’s standards.

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Things to Know while Cleaning your Airbnb Rentals