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December 28, 2020

Seven Reasons to Plan a Staycation

The “unprecedented” times are here, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. COVID-19 is stretching to 2021, at least.

In the beginning, working from home was new and fun! Now, I look forward to my scheduled outdoor activities, mostly because I have an excuse to leave the house.

Here are seven more excuses to leave your house and take a staycation!


Psychological Benefits

I don’t know about you, but when I am at work, I tune in to work. I try to have work be where I work and home be where I do everything else. Then, they turned into the same place!

There is no longer a motivation to clock out and go home because I am always at home. It seems like the work never ends! Taking an actual break from work helps improve so many things, from work performance to sleep disorders.

You can avoid hitting your breaking point if you take breaks along the way!

Change of Scenery Stimulates Your Brain

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Instead of walking to the water cooler, we have to think of different ways to stay stimulated and engaged. The feeling of going stir-crazy can not only be dull, but it can affect your performance at work. You can become less productive when your brain is not exercised, like all other muscles in your body.

The experience of being at a new place may be enough to wake you up again because you can’t function on autopilot. You have to look for the forks, for example, instead of being able to find them in your sleep.

Supports Local/Regional Restrictions

It can be easy to feel like you will never reach your travel goals since we are in a global pandemic. While you may be unable to jet off to another country, you can still travel! You just have to change your mindset.

Maybe, travel to a different area of your town. Explore a side of your world that you hadn’t seen before! Staycations follow all of the local restrictions that are in place to slow the spread of COVID.

Makes You Appreciate Home More

Do you have that list of things that you only do when people come to visit you? The things that might be mostly touristy and you, as a local, never do on your own. You can go on that hike to explore that cool area of town and learn a new hobby at this place.

Take chances in your hometown! It may inspire you!

Reconnect with Things That are Truly Important to You

There are so many tasks associated with one’s work, which are only what seems essential. In the grand scheme of things, your report does not need to be perfectly written. Obviously, it helps when it is, but staycations encourage you to focus on things that are important in life’s big picture.

Truly significant things are your relationships with others and, most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

Helps You Stay in Your Comfort Zone

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Hotels never quite feel like home. Sometimes it is the scratchy quilt, and other times it is the fact that it never seems truly quiet. Hotels have limited occupancy now, but there are still a lot of people in them.

At a house, it is just one household and is your best bet when trying to maintain COVID safety protocols.



Staying at Home is Safe

The CDC says that staying in a house with people from your household is the safest choice you can make next to staying at home. To ensure this, Airbnb has committed to an enhanced cleaning initiative that both the host and the guest agree to.

The host is required to agree or potentially lose their privileges with Airbnb. Yes, it is an excellent decision to make sure that your property meets the cleanliness standards of guests.

It can be hard to meet that standard, but we at Magic Helpers can help. Pursue your staycation and let us put your mind at ease. Treat yourself, but in a safe way!

Contact us today to request a quote, or give us a call at (512) 705 0043.

Seven Reasons to Plan a Staycation
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