April 1, 2020

The Duvet vs Comforter Dilema

Oh no! What to do? What to do? Should I use a comforter or use a duvet for my Airbnb? I know that's what you've been asking yourself and I am here to help you decide!

Here are the pros and cons of each:



  • Low cost
  • Variety of types and designs


  • High maintenance. You must wash the comforter on every single turnover. You MUST. It is very important to keep your home, your bed and all areas clean and sanitized. This includes all linens.
  • Because it's high maintenance, this means that it will be more wear and tear on your washer/ dryer, higher utility bills and simply a waste of time. You need a whole load just for the comforter and we need to be as efficient as possible. SPECIALLY, on a same-day turnover. Am I right?!
  • If you have a cleaning service, they will charge you the extra time it takes to wash/dry the comforter. If you have a same-day turnover, the cleaners most likely have to that the comforter offsite. Oh, that reminds me... ALWAYS have a spare. Always.

Duvet & Duvet Cover:


  • Buy a duvet once and buy all kinds of duvet covers you like. There are plenty of styles, textures and closures (which we will talk about later on).
  • You can easily remove the duvet cover from the duvet on each turnover and it doesn't occupy much space. You can add the duvet cover to your regular load. Yeia!


  • Depending on the duvet and the duvet cover you choose, the more moolah 💲💲💲 you're going to spend. If you choose a higher quality, price will be higher. If you choose a more inexpensive duvet and duvet cover, the lower the expense (of course).
  • Its somewhat of a challenge to put on, but, don't worry that's why you have us! We train all our staff to clean, sanitize and place these babies on the duvet for you while we clean your home. Book your STR/ Airbnb cleaning here.


So there you have it friends, now decide which option works best for you! I'll be creating other posts about bedding. Incredibly, this is a popular topic that a lot of people have questions on and I am here to help!


Here are the duvet and duvet covers we get for our own Airbnbs:






If you have any questions or interest in our cleaning, concierge or management services, please feel free to click here.


The Duvet vs Comforter Dilema

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