Airbnb Cleaning Services

Public dining area in a vacation rental facility that has been professionally cleaned by The Magic Helpers.
  • Reliable Housekeepers: When it comes to our professional Airbnb cleaning services, we have strict eligibility and reliability standards for each staff member. We offer the most advanced tools to keep your Airbnb rental clean for happy renters.
  • Easily Book Cleanings Online: At Magic Helpers, we understand your time is valuable. Booking your Airbnb cleaning service should be easy, which is why we’ve streamlined the booking process to only take a few minutes of your time
  • Affordable Cleaning Services: As a business owner, we understand that it’s critical that you find the best level of service at an affordable price. At Magic Helpers, that’s what we specialize in. We believe in providing affordable, high quality, and easy to book Airbnb cleaning services to Austin and surrounding areas.

Airbnb Management Services

Living room in an Airbnb rental with a cream-colored couch, a circular coffee table, and a circular rug underneath the coffee table.
  • Set up listings: Our team of Airbnb management experts will keep your properties’ value in line with market fluctuations in Austin and surrounding areas so you can earn more bookings, a higher revenue, and stellar ratings.
  • Coordinate guest communications: Communication prior to, during, and after your guests’ departure is handled by our team of Airbnb management professionals. Your guests will never realize that our team of Magic Helpers are communicating on your behalf.
  • Respond to guest inquiries 24/7 : We don’t want to leave your guests hanging. There is a Magic Helper available 24/7 to provide your guests with the information they need.

Residential Cleaning Services

Living room in an Airbnb rental with a white couch and rug that have been professionally cleaned by The Magic Helpers.
  • Recurring House Cleaning Services: Magic Helpers offers routine house cleaning service for the Austin homeowner or renter who wishes to keep their home clean with the help of a professional cleaning company. Our most popular offering is the weekly cleaning service, followed by the biweekly and monthly.
  • One Time House Cleaning Services: There are a number of reasons why people turn to Magic Helpers for one-time house cleaning services. We offer move-in and move-out cleans for homeowners and renters in Austin seeking to ease the transition in or out of a home. We also offer spring cleaning, special event cleaning, “I have family coming to town” cleaning, or “I deserve a break from cleaning” services.